Rebel Belle!!!

This was a fun exercise in Prof Maher’s Motion Graphics 2 course. The assignment was to perform a rebranding of the Lifetime Network, and then invent a new show for the network.

For me, this resulted in Rebel Belle: The year is 1860, and Mary Elizabeth Cooke is engaged to be married to the dashing but temperamental David Elliot Cross, Lieutenant in the 16th Pennsylvanian Cavalry. She was the only woman who could tame him, but she left him at the altar for her true love, Jefferson Ellis Whitman, Lieutenant in the 7th Virginia Artillery. Having given up her good name, family, and all she knew in her home state, she now tries to make her life in the South.

Her new home is wonderful, full of love and beauty, but when war breaks out, she has to make a terrible choice: support her husband and her community, or fight to end slavery and preserve the Union. Ultimately, she betrays everyone she has come to love in her new home and becomes a spy for the Union. Who is her contact in the North? None other than the jilted David Elliot Cross! Follow the adventures of Mary Elizabeth Cooke as she finds love and courage in a world of slavery, betrayal, and war!

Love. Betrayal. War. Rebel Belle.

EDIT – 10/10/2012 — at the suggestion of a friend, I’ve added a soundtrack!   Billy Idol wrote the song, I just had fun with a new arrangement.


One comment

  1. Banana Banana Fury · November 15, 2007

    hahahaha, amazing. I hadn’t seen this yet. Does it feature Billy Idol on the soundtrack?

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