Showing Work at iDMAa

I presented the following animated short at iDMAa: Beyond Boundaries. The short is called Dolphins, Ducks & Beetles, and was inspired by a radio broadcast I heard on WNYC’s RadioLab.

I constructed the objects in the animation with ink, watercolor, and paper, and eventually got it into After Effects for the animation. The banjo and narration were done by me one very very early morning!

I’d love to get feedback on the piece!



  1. Vincent Verweij · November 15, 2007

    Nice work. The people had a definite Hertzfeldt feel to them, but the rest made it unique. I like the ambiance it creates, that somehow doesn’t get destroyed by angels playing kickball with people.

  2. Lauren · December 10, 2007

    Hi Kristian!

    I really like it, and the theory is as good as any I’ve heard. Hope you are well. Lauren

  3. Shelly · January 26, 2008

    Hi Kristian – Congratulations – a great tale & really well done, from someone who knows nothing!!! I thought it had just enough creep & mystery about it. An interesting theory……but believable. Love to Katherine. Shelly

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