Advocacy Video – Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

This is a piece (at the time of this writing, the featured project video) that a colleague and I edited and finished with some graphics for the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center. This project came to me as part of Prof. Larry Engel’s course in advanced documentary production at American University.

Channel G is an interesting organization. In their own words:

Channel G produces short format documentaries, Project Presentations, for distribution on television, the internet, film festivals and other video outlets. Project Presentations showcase environmental, social, and health-related projects from local and international nonprofit organizations.

With Channel G, the American television and web surfing public is educated and informed while getting the opportunity to participate in the success of great projects. Channel G highlights the projects’ scientific and educational value, as well as the personal stories of the people involved.

You can watch the video here:

Advanced documentary production with Prof. Engel was a pretty tough course, but truly rewarding. I think I discovered that I really want to make documentary films more than any other film in that course, and he also taught me new ways of thinking so that I have half a chance of making good documentaries. Thanks, Larry!


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