Helping Those In Need

Stories like this make coming to work a happy occasion.  Regina Valdez, a current MCCP volunteer and former beneficiary, explains how care through MCCP changed her life when she was a child. She also shares how she sees first-hand that dental care can change children’s lives in her current role as a dental office manager. Since MCCP was initiated in 1986, the program has provided medical and dental care to more than 75,000 Fairfax County children.

New Beginnings For Baltimore

I am so happy that I get to work on stories like this.  My executive producer gave Troy, the co-owner of New Beginnings, a sneak peak of the show and he gave us the highest praise I can think of….he said we got it right.  It feels right.

I’m the proud editor of this video.

Park Heights Renaissance Wins Telly

This short film was produced by the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Creative Team, lead by Executive Producer Bryan Litt, to document the ambitious collaboration between this Park Heights Neighborhood and the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit team to restore a community park.

In the words of our social media guru:

Improving health — a core element of Kaiser Permanente’s mission — is about more than providing high-quality health care. Just as we know that preventive care, such as getting the appropriate vaccinations and screenings, is critical to staying healthy, we know that where we live, work and play has a crucial role in achieving total health. Watch the story of a West Baltimore community’s effort to create a safe space for their neighborhood to be active and healthy. It is just one example of many decades of Kaiser Permanente’s work to help communities across the country be healthy and thrive.

I had the privilege of being the editor for this Telly Award winning short and the other films in this series.

While you are here, I invite you to check out the companion videos that highlight different facets of this inspiring story:

Launch of “Pull Focus” Series

Through my connections to AU as an Adjunct Professor, I had the honor of acting as Creative Director the relaunch of the CMSI web series Pull Focus.  Aside from acting as script supervisor and animator for this initial installment, my task was to formalize fonts, colors, and graphical styles for text, archival video, captions, interview IDs and the like.  I look forward to seeing the students run with it!


“Watching and Waiting” Wins TIVA Peer Award

This show was produced by Hillmann & Carr for the Oklahoma City Memorial & Museum.   We used a combination of first person testimony and archival news footage to tell the story of how Oklahoma and rescuers from across the nation responded to the attack on the Murrah Building in 1995.

I was the editor for this film.  It previously won a Bronze Telly, and this weekend was the winner of the TIVA Peer Awards Bronze for Editing.  What makes this impressive is that this show was cut on Avid, which is more like a torture device than an editing package.

Interactive Music Gallery wins Silver at SEMC!

Hillmann & Carr won Silver in the Southeastern Museum Conference Gallery Installations competition!  The “Making The Music” Gallery was a part of the full media production we performed for the Birthplace of Country Music® Museum in Bristol, VA/TN.

Produced by Hillmann & Carr for the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, I was the UX/UI designer and the Music Producer for this interactive station. We worked with the software developers at Brightline Interactive on the final execution of these stations.

This exhibit also won the Award of Excellence
 from the Tennessee Association of Museums
 this march.