Helping Those In Need

Stories like this make coming to work a happy occasion.  Regina Valdez, a current MCCP volunteer and former beneficiary, explains how care through MCCP changed her life when she was a child. She also shares how she sees first-hand that dental care can change children’s lives in her current role as a dental office manager. Since MCCP was initiated in 1986, the program has provided medical and dental care to more than 75,000 Fairfax County children.

New Beginnings For Baltimore

I am so happy that I get to work on stories like this.  My executive producer gave Troy, the co-owner of New Beginnings, a sneak peak of the show and he gave us the highest praise I can think of….he said we got it right.  It feels right.

I’m the proud editor of this video.

Press Coverage of Oklahoma City Memorial Media

On September 14 of this year the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum unveiled a lot of new media, much of it produced by me and my friends at Hillmann & Carr.  Read about it here and here.  In one of the links below, you’ll see a vertical monitor on a column near Timothy McVeigh’s car.  That’s one way of solving the vertical monitor problem.

If you want a better look at that video, ask me for the password and check it out here:
Trooper Charlie Hanger’s Arrest of Timothy McVeigh


The Forgotten Flier at the Discovery Center!

Gustave Whitehead was a German-American inventor who, at the dawn of the 20th Century, created a remarkable aircraft. Some say that he beat the Wright Brothers to the title “First In Flight”. This short film is part of the First In Flight exhibit at the Discovery Science Museum and Planetarium in Bridgeport, CT. Please visit if you anywhere in the neighborhood!

Gustave Whitehead: The Forgotten Flier

This was my thesis film for American University’s MFA program in Film and Electronic Media.

Sunnylands, soon to be open to the public

I’m pretty excited about this.  My friends and colleagues have put a great deal of time and energy into the media for this new visitor center.  It will be gratifying to see it all installed and open to the public.

One of the best things about my job is that I get to learn about things that were never on my radar before.  While I’d heard the name “Walter Annenberg” before as a sponsor of NPR and other worthy causes, I never knew what an interesting character he was.  He was a close friend of the Reagans and Nixon.  He played golf with Sinatra and Bob Hope (on his own personal golf course), and had one of the largest private collections of Impressionist and Post Impressionist art in the world….and not because it’s a cool thing for a fabulously wealthy man to have art, but because he genuinely loved and appreciated the art.

So – an interesting character.

If you happen to be in Palm Springs, take a look!


Remembering a Forgotten Flier

I’m so pleased with what I wrote on my “Current Work” page that I’ll quote it here:

I’m making an animated documentary about Gustave Whitehead.   He was a flier, and was largely forgotten.  The reason why this is interesting is because he made a controlled, powered flight in a heavier-than-air vehicle two years before the Wright Brother’s flew!  So, I’m making an animated documentary about him.  Perhaps this work will inspire other people to innovate and push the envelope of human discovery, knowing that even if they never achieve fame, even if they die penniless, it’s possible that someone might make an animated documentary about them.  Indeed, a chance at immortality.

Yep — I am indeed doing it!  I’ve made the bulk of the artwork, which is charcoal pencil on heavy watercolor paper, and I’ve got it into After Effects.  The voice track is done and I’m quite pleased with it!  An original score is also underway.  Exciting things!

Below are some low-res captures from my first renderings.  I’ll no doubt do some general color correction and maybe throw a vignette on it and whatever other finishing is needed.  Blah blah.  Here are some stills!

Doomed Pittsburgh Flight

Since when do airplanes cast shadows on the sky? Since I adopted a puppet show aesthetic for my new documentary! That's when.

Gustave in his Pittsburgh Plane

Gustave Whitehead exhorts his assistant to stoke the steam engine!