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I wrangle pixels in the service of connecting with an audience. I have won awards for my firm, and repeat business in my freelance work. I distill my clients’ message and meaning into narratives that hit their mark. I look forward to stretching my creative abilities and taking the lead to bring my client’s vision to life.

Hillmann & Carr Inc.
May 2008 – Present
Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor, User Experience Designer, Writer, Associate Producer
I craft films and interactive experiences for many different museums and educational institutions. Whether as an editor, writer, or motion graphics artist, my primary obligation is to communicate the client’s story to a broad audience in a way that is emotionally and intellectually compelling.

American University
Fall 2011 – Present
Adjunct Professor
I teach graduate and undergraduate students the fundamentals of animation and motion graphics theory and practice. This includes providing in-depth instruction in Adobe After Effects and how to integrate materials from Photoshop and Illustrator into a successful workflow. My position has allowed me to facilitate collaboration between students and prominent conservation non-profits, resulting in student work getting broad exposure via the official media channels of the organizations.

2005 – 2006
Web Development Project Manager
I helped nonprofit clients implement and understand their new content management system. I determined client needs and project scope, including the overall and internet-specific goals of the organization and their level of technical expertise. I was able to use my previous webmaster experience to help clients understand best practices for online advocacy. I also served as liaison between the graphic design team, software developers, and clients.

2004 – 2005
I managed the creation of a new content management system for the Oceana website, gathering the needs and requirements of staff on three continents. As webmaster, I developed strategies and campaigns to combat mercury contamination in seafood and protecting dolphins from capture in tuna fishing.

Common Cause
2001 – 2004
I redesigned and reprogrammed the organization’s website including development of a custom content management system. I worked closely with communications, fundraising, and advocacy teams to more than double email subscribers and increase online fundraising.


American University
MFA – Film & Electronic Media, 2009

College of William & Mary
BA – Philosophy, 1998

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